Line of Business Roles for Hiring, Learning, Marketing and Sales


When our products are aligned to specific lines of business, they can make it easier to fill your roles and exceed your business objectives. Find out what our products can do for you, aligned to your line of business .

Channel Manager: Setting up and managing a channel can require fielding information requests, driving marketing activities and handling queries. As the channel grows, tracking the performance of the partners and the process can become more difficult. Extend your sales team with solutions for Channel Managers

Finance: Finance needs to help reduce the cost of core sales operations business processes such as managing incentive compensation plans, territory, and quota programs. Manage more efficient solutions for Finance.  

Human Resources: Combining a rich pool of candidates, video interviewing and assessments drives better talent selection and reduces the risk of costly bad hires. New hires must be onboarded and productive quickly, with automated workflows, new hire portals, and coaching plans. Hire and retain top talent with solutions for Human Resources

Marketing: Campaign metrics, content metrics and lead metrics provide critical insight to fuel more effective and impactful marketing activities. A combination of superior lead intelligence, targeted nurture programs and social monitoring will drive revenue performance at each stage of the funnel. Drive leads and revenue with solutions for Marketing

Sales: Successful sales managers need to be coaches, recruiters and administration experts. Maximize productivity and performance to ensure time is spent on high value activities that lead to more closed business and greater revenue in a shorter time. Close more and bigger deals with solutions for Sales

Sales Ops: Focus on improving the efficiency of the sales team. Reduce the cost of core sales operations business processes such as managing incentive compensation plans and enabling sales teams. Improve efficiencies with CallidusCloud solutions for Sales Ops.